Q: What is MIT Cables Europe?

A: Your best source for MIT “Legacy” products offered daily at great savings, direct to your door anywhere in Europe. Full Manufacturer’s Warranty.

MIT Cables Europe is an exclusive internet outlet created by MIT for HI Fi enthusiasts living in Europe. Specifically, those who are looking for the best audiophile interfaces available, but not necessarily needing (or desiring to pay for) “cutting edge” MIT technology. You will need to visit your local MIT dealer to purchase the most current technology that MIT has to offer!

Legacy is a term that is frequently used to describe Obsolete Products (no longer in regular production). Legacy Products are also defined as products that are no longer in demonstrations in dealer’s showrooms or are no longer offered in current MIT Brick and Mortar Product Catalogs.

Genuine MIT Products: Most audiophiles familiar with MIT technology have earned their familiarity by listening to MIT interfaces over the last 30 years, in thousands of systems all over the world.  Every item offered for sale on this site is ready for immediate shipment, and the image of the actual item you will receive is on the page it is offered. Every item includes MIT’s exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for or you feel that you need to have more information, please click on “live chat” to speak to an expert. If you are visiting us after hours, you can always send us an email or when it is convenient, pick up the phone and call us. We are in your time zone and eager to help.

Know what professional studios and major award winning producers and film makers have known for decades - use MIT Cables products to get the maximum listening and video performance possible for your ultimate listening pleasure.  "Let MIT Cables Europe turn your components into a real high end system"

Bruce Brisson, CEO and Founder, MIT Cables

Condition:    NIB means New in Box, and DEMO indicates the product has been opened for the purpose of demonstrating them.  Generally speaking items will show no signs of wear from use.


Bruce Brisson - CEO and Founder: MIT Cables was founded by Bruce Brisson in 1984. Bruce Brisson began designing audio cables in the 1970’s after “hearing” the sonic problems inherent in typical audio cables of the day. In 1981 he licensed the first of many of his designs and patents to Monster Cable. Many of Monster’s products are still using his designs today (“Bandwidth Balanced”, “Phase Correct” windings, “Time Coherent windings, for example), and have become some of Monster’s most enduring and successful products. In 1984, he founded MIT Cables (Music Interface Technologies), which as been a leading force in the research design, and manufacturing of high performance audio, video and AC cables ever since. Over the years, MIT Cables have also obtained up to 20 patents for cable technology, and this is more than any other cable manufacturers in the world.



    • NIB means New in Box - Generation 3 products (eg. Oracle V1.3, Magnum M1.3)

    • DEMO - indicates the product has been opened for the purpose of demonstration.



About Sergio Pozzi and Audio Graffiti:In 1983 Sergio Pozzi founded Audio Graffiti in beautiful Pandino ITALY. Over 30 years Pozzi and fellow audiophile Yvan Pfyffer have been successfully importing and installing the finest equipment from the most honored brands in our industry. Not just any brand will do for these experts; they rely on brands like Spectral, MIT, Basis, Graham, DCS, Boulder, Lansche, Lyra, Viva Audio and many others. It is through their personal relationships with the owners and designers of these unique brands, that Audio Graffiti has grown to be one of the most respected sources of High End Audio and Video cables and components in Italy. Not just because they can get them for you; they know how to make them work their absolute best for you. Every system is unique and with it comes some unique problems. We assure you that with our help you can get every bit of the performance out of your system that still eludes you. Just call Pozzi or Pfyffer and ask for some friendly advice. Have your model numbers ready!

It was true before as it is true today; it is the goal of A.G. to serve their clients with a dedicated personal attention up to retrieve the best possible performance on any budget. With more than 30 years experience in Hi End Audio and Video Sergio and Yvan can offer a variety of tailor made solutions for the unique and specific needs of our clientele. We call them “friends”.


Audio Graffiti has a well trained support staff on hand for any kind of questions that may arise to assist you. If we don’t have it, we know how to get it to you. Call us today at +39 0373 970485 or click on “Live Chat” and learn how to squeeze every bit of performance out of your system that still hides from you!